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Red Bull Crush


Nothings impossible, I feel unstoppable, my will to win is stronger then its ever been.  Sip it up and your moving, there's your motivation, live it up in the moment, show your dedication to the world!



Sometimes it can be hard when you're different, especially when you are one of a kind.  All we know is that you have to be strong to change the way the world is. 

The Mayfly Cycle


When a family can only take so much, they are forced to cope with the harsh realities about the end of life and the beginning of a new chapter.

Scary Times


The submerged memories have taken all from me. The places I encountered are in the depths of time and the clock has stopped ticking.

Take Me Home


A nervous trap set in an empty home.

I tried to take the bait, but it was gone before I got there. She was never home to begin with.



A garden can grow between the toes or on the head, always making the breeze feel like it needs to be there.

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